Children in classroom.

Sheleen“Engaging and appropriate for young readers learning about the internet! Educating kids on the role of technology is extremely important, and this book does a good job of explaining the web to a young audience.”

- Sheleen Bauer, Media Specialist, Harrisburg School District

Matt Covey

“This is a fun, practical book that can be used as a solid addition to any school’s technology curriculum. It helps students make real world connections to the instruction they receive. Educationally, the approach the book takes in helping students make those connections will result in an authentic understanding of why technology can serve a very real purpose in service of others vocationally.”

- Matthew D. Covey, Principal, Sioux Falls Christian Elementary School 

Mike Fischer

“I Can Work on the Internet is a well-written book with fantastic illustrations. Teaching children the importance of technology is critical, and this book does a great job of that. I also appreciate how the author takes a complex subject matter and makes it applicable for kids.”

- Mike Fischer, Teacher, Ontario Christian School 

Kelli Ten HakenThis book is a wonderful teaching tool that will spark authentic discussion in the classroom. The story will encourage students to think about what impact the internet has on their lives. The beautiful illustrations and creative text urges students to dream big when thinking about their future careers. “I Work On The Internet” is a must read for all elementary students!

- Kelli Ten Haken, Elementary Teacher, Zeeland Christian School 

David Mulder“I love this book! As a former Technology Coordinator in a K-8 school, I thought a lot about how to help kids see how much the internet already affects their lives.  This book is an excellent way to help them see all the ways the internet shapes the way people work and play. I highly recommend it!”

- David Mulder, Instructor of Education, Dordt College 

Rob Doyen

“Fantastic children’s book! Informative and fun. Lets children know that the internet is an important tool that can be used for any career that they might chose. Superb!”

- Rob Doyen, Director/Social Studies Teacher, Harrisburg School District 

TriciaI Can Work on the Internet is not only a great book to introduce young students to the internet but to explain to older students some of the possible ways they may use it as well. I am looking forward to sharing this book with my class.”

- Tricia Ochsner, 4th Grade Teacher, Baltic School District 

DeAnna“There are people behind the internet?! Of course there are, but kids today take all of the technology they have at their disposal for granted, and this book lets them know that people work hard to make it all happen.  With the way society and technology are going, working with technology will always be an up and coming career.”

- DeAnna Anema, Children’s Ministry Director, Shalom Christian Reformed Church

Callie“The engaging illustrations and kid friendly real world connections are what make this book shine. Children will be drawn in by the concepts of tablets, apps, and video chatting, and adults may even find they learned something new as well. The book uses developmentally appropriate terminology and situations. Teachers and parents will also appreciate the book’s focus on internet safety. I highly recommend this book to educators as well as to parents. Well done.”

- Callie Schock, Former Educator/Children’s Ministry Director

Rachel Landry“As a parent and the proprietor of a successful internet-based business, I applaud this work by Paul Ten Haken.
I Can Work on the Internet helps young people – and especially their parents and teachers – widen their ideas on career options by understanding the permanence and infinite relevance of the internet. The book is targeted to children, but will undoubtedly open the minds of countless adults as well, by answering a lot of questions we hadn’t even thought to ask and revealing just how much the internet factors into everyday life. This book, and the mentality behind it, should become part of today’s education curriculum.”

- Rachel Landry, Personal Voice and Biography Writer