Firefighters use the internet

What’s the inspiration behind the book?
The author is passionate about the internet and properly educating children on the role that the internet plays and will continue to play in everyday life. That, combined with the increasing need for a tech-savvy workplace, served as the impetus behind efforts to get kids fired up about  ”working on the internet.”

How can I get a copy?
Copies of I Can Work on the Internet can be ordered by filling out the form on the order page.

What is Click Rain?
Click Rain, Inc. is a digital marketing agency located in Sioux Falls, SD. Click Rain develops websites, implements digital marketing campaigns and also provides consulting services to businesses on their online strategy. The author started this company in 2008 and uses his platform as President to educate children of all ages on the role of technology in their daily lives.

Is the book only available in print?
The book is available in print as well as in digital format on Amazon.

How much does the book cost?
A digital download of the book is available for only $7.00 on Amazon. Simply request a copy here.

Does the author do readings?
The author does not currently do readings.